Since last week, Apollo and Artemis classes have been working on their labyrinth homework, taking up the challenge of designing and building their own labyrinths in all sorts of inventive and artistic ways.

Every single labyrinth that has been handed in so far (there are a few on their way on Monday!) has been thoughtful and inventive. We have had traditional paper labyrinths, labyrinths from lego, labyrinths from cake and even from planted cress seeds!

We’ve had labyrinths of brick, labyrinths which are designed around the Phaistos Disk, labyrinths as computer game videos, and labyrinth games! And also, labyrinths as a present box surprise, pasta, pins, and twigs.

Below is a slideshow of some of the labyrinths – thank you so much Apollo and Artemis for all your hard work – prizes and winners announced next week!