Lesson 8: Jupiter on Trial!

In our final lesson of this week, Apollo and Artemis classes took part in a trial! We have recently finished the third chapter of Telling Tales in Latin, where Ovid describes how Jupiter decided to flood the world, since mankind had, in his view, become so wicked.

For their previous homework, both groups had been asked to prepare speeches either in support of or disagreeing with Jupiter’s decision. They were able to choose any perspective – so we had several Jupiters, a few Neptunes, a ghost, a fish, as well as other human beings.

With Judge Aarti Prajapati, our sixth form helper, presiding, the speeches began. One student, arguing in character as a fish, on behalf of the fish population, felt that Jupiter had done the right thing, as people had become wicked and travelled to other countries to get rich. He pointed out that people had also stopped praying too. You can listen to his speech here:

Another student, in character as Jupiter, defended her decision passionately, pointing out that all men did was fight. She pointed out that if she hadn’t have done it, someone else would have flooded the world instead. You can hear her speech here:

However, a ghost of a Minoan lady pointed out that Jupiter’s character was already in doubt, and emphasised the destruction he had caused; and another student pointed out that it wasn’t fair that the fish now had so much territory, whereas other species had been wiped out – listen to her speech here:

Vesta expressed her view that Jupiter was wrong to have flooded the world – listen to Vesta here:

While a spokesperson for the gods claimed the decision to flood the world had been unanimous – here her argument here:

There were some very astute questions from the jury too, such as pointing out that Mars, one of the gods, was all in favour of war, so humans were perhaps simply following his orders.

Congratulations to all the speakers so far – we have a few more still to deliver their views before the judge calls the debate.

20171006_115423 (2)

We spent the final fifteen minutes of the lesson building a Mycenaean tholos tomb – each table was given a different material to work with. You can see some of the tombs below!


Please make the grave good you designed for the burial of the mighty Mycenaean leader. We shall have a ceremony in class next week!

Apollo class – please bring your completed grave good for Tuesday

Artemis class – please bring your completed grave good for Wednesday


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