Lesson 9: Mycenaean Life and Death

In our first lesson this week, Apollo and Artemis classes were introduced to some of the food that the Mycenaeans would have eaten, before taking part in the burial ceremony of a Mycenaean leader!

We started off by guessing at some Linear B logograms – some of these were very obvious, like those for things like horses, chariots, swords, wheels and trees. Others, however, were a little more abstract. It wasn’t immediately obvious to the groups what the signs for a bathtub or footstool were (although the groups were impressed that they had these items!).

You can see some more logograms here.

We then moved on to looking at the logograms laid out next to the food items on each table. The classes spent five or ten minutes sampling the food, and pairing it up with the appropriate logogram label. The group discovered that the Mycenaeans ate things like figs, olive oil, wine, wheat and honey.

After this, we prepared to bury our fallen Mycenaean leader (thank you to Amy and Tabitha who valiantly offered to act these parts!). Each person had made a grave good, such as have been found in the Tholos Tombs which we looked at last lesson. We played some music which may have sounded like music of the Mycenaeans and the gifts were laid down next to the leader. These included weapons, jewellery, cups, armour, and models of animals, and even a painted mural.

20171010_125837 (2)

I have posted images of some of these grave good below – more will be added soon.

We also met the full present tense conjugation for the four verb groups and practised Latin through some verb translations and some fairy tales too!



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