Inspired by the Iliad…

Over the Christmas holidays, Apollo and Artemis were set the task of creating a response to our exploration of the Iliad last term. It could be a poem, story, work of art or artefact!

Lots of brilliant projects were handed in this week. Some people went for alternate endings, such as Achilles being punished for his treatment of Hector’s body by being caught up in a river! Others opted to draw beautiful images of scenes which they particularly enjoyed, such as Athena persuading Hector to face Achilles, or the duel between these two heroes. One illustration depicted Trojans looking for wood to burn Hector’s body. Another used a Greek jar to show the duel.

Students also created artefacts, such as a model of the apple of strife, inscribed with “To the Fairest” or a miniature booklet of the Iliad, containing epithets inside. Below are some images of some of the projects handed in – congratulations to everyone for their thoughtful and inspired work on this task!

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