Apollo: The Birds

In the past few weeks, Apollo and Artemis classes have been working on their favourite scenes from Aristophanes’ plays, ready for our very own Dionysia Festival. On the left is a word cloud, and below you can see the poster, trailer, promo blurb and cast list all created by Apollo: The Birds!




Euelpides and Pithe decide to find a new city, join them in a random

{therefore obviously funny} ,modern-day-referencing, weird and slightly

unrehearsed adventure as they try to find a new city without annoying the gods,

SPOILER ALERT they do a goodish job at finding a city but fail completely at

not annoying the gods…

Cast List

Pithetaerus – Lilly Doubtfire

Euelpides & Iris – May Jackson

Epops, poet, spies and bird – Lola Chaplin

Slave girl – Tabbie West

Leader of Birds Chorus – Marianne Jones

Poster – Tabbie West

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