Apollo: The Frogs

In the past few weeks, Apollo and Artemis classes have been working on their favourite scenes from Aristophanes’ plays, ready for our very own Dionysia Festival. On the left is a word cloud, and below you can see the poster, trailer, promo blurb and cast list – all created by Apollo: The Frogs!


Watch the Apollo Frogs Trailer here.

Who will be the best poet – Euripides or Aeschylus? Dionysus makes a brave and perilous journey to the Underworld to find out and discovers some frogs along the way….

Cast List

Dionysus – Runa Eckhoff

Xanthias – Thomas Chaplin

Hades – Na’el Qureshi

Euripides – Calum Murray

Aeschylus – Mary Eubank

Frogs – everyone

Costumes and poster – Runa Eckhoff

Trailer – Na’el Qureshi

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