Artemis: The Clouds

In the past few weeks, Apollo and Artemis classes have been working on their favourite scenes from Aristophanes’ plays, ready for our very own Dionysia Festival. On the left is a word cloud, and below you can see the poster, trailer, promo blurb and cast list all created by Artemis: The Clouds!




Clouds – with a twist!

The story of Aristophanes’ Clouds, picked up and thrown into the struggles

for women’s suffrage of the early 20th century

Cast List

Strepsiades or Lloyd George – Cyanne Calmy

Socrates or Mrs E. Pankhurst – Eloise Brooks

The Chorus of Clouds or The Suffragettes – Lucy Marshall & Amy Holmes

Posters – Cyanne Calmy

Trailer – Eloise Brooks

Costumes designed and made by Amy Holmes

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