Artemis: The Frogs

In the past few weeks, Apollo and Artemis classes have been working on their favourite scenes from Aristophanes’ plays, ready for our very own Dionysia Festival. On the left is a word cloud, and below you can see the poster, trailer, promo blurb and cast list all created by Artemis: The Frogs!



the frogs (1)-page-001

All the best activists are dead and the city of Oxford needs direction!

Annie decides to take an unforgettable journey to Hades to bring an activist

back to inspire us all.

We hope you enjoy our tale of hope, women’s rights and some frogs!

Cast List

Annie Kenney – Kasra Izadi

Charon – Bethany Hurley

Emmeline Pankhurst – Amelie Perry

Assistant – Leri Avrila

Corpse – Amelie Perry

Frogs – Bethany, Leri and Amelie

Costumes and poster – Bethany Hurley

Trailer – Leri Avrila

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