Visit to the Aegean World Gallery

This Friday in our usual lesson slots, Apollo and Artemis, visited the Ashmolean Museum to explore their beautiful Aegean World Gallery and complete a trail.


This term, have been learning about the Minoans and Mycenaeans, and how the English archaeologist Arthur Evans famously excavated these Bronze Age sites. We have talked about how he brought many of the fascinating finds back to England where he donated them to the Ashmolean.

The trip was an opportunity to see some of the many items we have been looking at in lessons, ranging from artistically decorated Minoan pottery with its sea life and floral motifs, such as drinking cups and oil lamps, to their intricately detailed seal stones. Some of you were amazed to see the level of detail their craftsmen had put into such little pieces!


We also saw burial coffins, “larnaxes”, and the very large storage jars called “pithoi”. You all enjoyed the reconstructions of frescoes, Linear B tablets, a throne, and found a range of bronze tools and weapons.


As well as Minoan items, there were also a number of striking Mycenaean items such as the gold burial masks, and highly decorated swords.

I am looking forward to reading through your completed trail booklets this weekend. Thank you all for such excellent behaviour in the Gallery.

We are very grateful to the Ashmolean for welcoming us and enabling the group to explore such a range of objects from two very fascinating ancient civilisations.

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