Apollo: The Birds (2019)

Tired of their home city, Athenians Pithitaerus and Euelpides and Peisetaerus decide to travel to find a new place to live. They decide to visit Epops, once a human, but now king of the birds, and found their own city with him and his people.

However, many things stand in their way: slave birds trying to kill them, getting lost on the way to the bird kingdom, and struggling with the trials that come with founding a new city.

The story of their adventures promises to be exciting, action-packed and hilarious!

Cast List

Jack – Euelpides
Benji – Pithitaerus
Helena – Trochilus (leader of the birds)
Heather – Epops

Poster – Heather
Trailer – all
Props and costumes – all

You can watch our trailer here.




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