Artemis: Peace (2019)

Our interpretation of ‘Peace’ by Aristophanes is meant to be more comedic than the original and have a modern twist. As we have a small cast we have multi-roled and used costumes and props to our advantage.

We have enjoyed updating and creating our version of the play and learning about ancient theatre traditions throughout! Aristophanes was a great playwright and we hope our version does him justice many years later from when it was first written!


Peace = Arouge

Slave 2 = Arouge

Trygaeus = Molly

Hermes = Rufus

War = Rufus

Security = Rufus

Chorus = Rufus

Peace’s entourage = Rufus

Slave 1 = Freya

Havoc = Freya

Chorus = Freya

Dung beetle = Metal Trolley



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