Artemis: The Birds

Birds is a story of two people who want to escape
the political world on Earth. Pithetarus and
Euripides heard of the birds and set of to find
them. After a short discussion with The leader of the
Bird choir, they get their wings and Pithetarus
suggests building a great wall between America and
Mexico which he decides to name Cloudcukukuwall.
The wall blocks prayers from reaching the Gods who
send Poseidon, Hercules and Triballus to make peace
and to get food. But Pithetarus has another plan!

Cast List

Sophie Hindley as piethetarus
Lukas Friedrichs as Euripides, Donald Trump and Hercules
Jeroen Hens as Leader of the Bird choir and Poseidon
Benjamin Ford as Epops, Theresa May, slave and Triballus

Watch our trailer here!


The birds-page-001

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