Ancient Monsters take over at Iris Summer School!

On the mornings of 27th, 28th and 29th August, the Iris Classics Centre at Cheney ran its fifth annual summer school! This year, it was themed on Classical Monsters, and featured a range of mythical monsters and activities alongside introductions to Latin and ancient Greek for fifty 7 to 14 year olds.

Day one was themed on the story of Ladon, a snake who guards the golden apple tree in the garden of the Hesperides (nymphs of the evening). Students were able to make mosaics, decorate apple trees, and explore this fascinating myth through art and craft.

On day two, students found themselves en route to the Underworld, and were able to make some obols (ancient Greek coins) to pay Charon, the ferryman, and explore a range of classical myths set in the land of the dead, from Tantalus to Orpheus.

Day three was themed on the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops, and students could use a bow and arrow to shoot a giant eye, have eyes face-painted onto their foreheads, and decorate Greek pots with the story.

It was also the day of the much-awaited costume competition and an incredibly creative range of costumes were on display, from Medusas and Sirens, and from Charybdis to Cerberus!

Refreshments included lyre, cyclops and snake cakes, pomegranate seeds, golden apples, and cheese from the Cyclops’ cave, amongst many other things.

Alongside these themed activities each day, students learned ancient Greek or Latin through an exciting range of materials prepared by their four teachers, Thomas, Leo, Tarika and Michael, with very helpful assistants, George, Sif and Hannah. Roman plays, Latin Bingo, and Greek Monster Snap were just some of the activities as part of the lively and informative lessons!

We are very grateful to everyone who came and took part, and especially to all our teachers and helpers who gave their time this summer to plan and run exciting lessons.

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  1. jsbell1940 says:

    Oh, that I could shed 70 years and attend this!

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