Clouds 2020

Here is Clouds Updated by Peter, Daan and Kiran.

Here is their poster:

Clouds Peter

Here is their chorus mask:

Here is their trailer.

They have updated a scene in their script:

(SCENE:- Outside STREPSIADES’ house. STREPSIADES and PHEIDIPPIDES are both lying in bed, apparently
asleep. PHEIDIPPIDES farts.)

STREPSIADES Oh! I can’t sleep! Won’t day ever come? I’m tossing and turning and thinking of the
Coronavirus and all its implecations. And still my dogs snore away. And of course these days, with
Animal Rights legislation you can’t beat ‘em. And as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, why bother training
‘em? And then there’s himself. My son. He spends all night snoring and farting. Nice and warm. Well, I
guess I should try and sleep.
(STREPSIADES lies down again and tries to sleep.
PHEIDIPPIDES farts again.
STREPSIADES finally gives up trying to sleep)
STREPSIADES I still can’t sleep. I’ve got so much debt and as I am not allowed to leave my house to go to
work there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet and my bank won’t help me out – thanks for that,
António Horta Osório. But him, he sleeps ok. Look at him with his long hair and racing horses. That’s all
he thinks about – bloody horses. (Strepsiades flicks on the light and takes his tablet)
STREPSIADES: Credit cards. Credit cards. Right, what do I owe?
PHEIDIPPIDES (talking in his sleep) Faster! Faster!
STREPSIADES That there’s my problem. Even when he’s fast asleep he dreams of horses!
PHEIDIPPIDES (in his sleep) Drive faster! Drive faster!
STREPSIADES You’re driving me, round the bend! What next?
PHEIDIPPIDES (waking up) Dad! Shut up! I’m trying to sleep.
STREPSIADES All right, keep sleeping. One day all this debt’ll be yours. (PHEIDIPPIDES rolls over and goes
back to sleep)
STREPSIADES I blame your mother. Until I met her life was sweet. I could lie around during the day and
fart at night. But she – she wants the fancy things in life. Perfume. Fine dining. Basically, she’s a snob.
And then along came him. I wanted him to grow like his ol’ man. She wanted him to be all hoitytoity. I
wanted to give him a simple, ordinary name. She wanted to call him Pheidippides. Pheidippides! Now,
since you’re a modern, 21st century audience, you won’t know what that means. But the ippos bit
means horse in Greek and that’s all he’s into now. Horses! Horses! Horses! And I’m in debt!
(STREPSIADES leans over and gently nudges PHEIDIPPIDES)
Pheidippides… my little Pheidippides…

PHEIDIPPIDES (very sleepily) Dad? What is it?
STREPSIADES Tell me — do you love your old dad?
STREPSIADES And you’ll do what I say?
PHEIDIPPIDES What d’you want?
STREPSIADES Promise you’ll do it.
PHEIDIPPIDES Yes, I’ll do it — I swear by Poseidon, lover of horses.
STREPSIADES No! No more horses, please! Look over there — you see that big building?
PHEIDIPPIDES What about it?
STREPSIADES That’s the University of Oxford! That’s where the clever people go. Give them “some” cash
and they’ll teach you any argument you like – whether it’s right or wrong.
PHEIDIPPIDES And who are these men? I’ve heard of them. Liars, all of them. Dawkins, Margaret Mc
Millan, Richard Epstein.
STREPSIADES Shut up. I want you to give up horses and join them!
PHEIDIPPIDES I won’t do it.
STREPSIADES Come on, son. I just want you to learn something for a change.
PHEIDIPPIDES What is it you want me to learn?
STREPSIADES I want you to learn how to argue. And how to win even when you’re wrong.
PHEIDIPPIDES No way, man. I’m not doing it.
STREPSIADES Right then. I’m not paying for any more horses. You can get out! Go on! Get out!
PHEIDIPPIDES You’re soo unfair! Uncle Megacles won’t see me go without. (PHEIDIPPIDES stands up and
goes inside the house. STREPSIADES gets out of bed)
STREPSIADES Well, if he won’t go, I will!

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