Frogs by Elsie and Mary


See the trailer here!

 By Aristophanes

 As interpreted by Mary Woodard and Elsie Williams 

Dion: Well there goes the one thing I was looking forward to this week…

Xanthe: God, I’m so bored. What’s the point any more?

Dion: When was there ever a point? (puts headphones in and starts to play music)

(Xanthe starts doing rises on a barre)

Dion: They’re all dead. All of them.

Xanthe: (sarcastically) Plot twist.

Dion: It’s bad enough without you making everything so much worse Xanthe.

Xanthe: Rude! I don’t make everything worse. You do!

Dion: No I don’t! You’re the one who’s always playing loud random screeching at 3 in the morning!

Xanthe: You did NOT just call Freddie Mercury loud random screeching!

Dion: Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot I was talking to the girl whose ears have been broken beyond belief.

Xanthe: Well it’s true! Panic! At The Disco are awful!

Dion: I will actually perish if I have to spend longer than a month in this house with you.

Xanthe: Well tough, cause I don’t think this mess will ever end.


Dion: I don’t care. I’m going outside.

Xanthe: What? You could be arrested!

Dion: I don’t care Xan.

Xanthe: Dion you can’t!

Dion: Yes I can. I’m going to the underworld and bringing them back.

Xanthe: Bring who back?

Dion: All of them. Everyone who died. I’m fed up.

Xanthe: Wait for me!

For the backdrop, it would just be a normal living room.

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