Primordials in Oxford: Year Eight Graphic Novel Project

This September, our two Year Eight Latin classes at Cheney School, Apollo and Artemis, are taking part in a project to design, write and illustrate a graphic novel which imagines the primordial Greek gods in modern day Oxford.

A series of lessons are being delivered to introduce different primordial gods, as well as exploring the art form of the graphic novel, and how ancient characters have been imagined in different settings. Students have been given a set of primordial playing cards, and will be choosing characters from these cards to create their story line and character sketches.

We are very fortunate to be supported in this project by two creative artists. Ahmed Alameen, a Kuwaiti author who has created a graphic novel based on characters from the epic Gilgamesh. You can find out more about his project here. He has recorded an introductory video explaining his own project, and giving advice on how the students might begin theirs. You can watch it here.

We are also very lucky to be joined in this project by Oxford Brookes University Artist Lydia Hall. Lydia will be working with the students on the artwork for the story, and will ultimately turn their artwork into a cohesive graphic novel. You can find out more about her on this welcome video.

We will document our progress as the project continues so keep checking back to see how the two groups are getting on! We are grateful to be supported by a grant from Classics for All for this exciting initiative.

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