Dionysia 21: Birds

Welcome to London, where two mortals named Euelpides and Pithetareus are fed up with everything from politicians to social restrictions… So fed up in fact that they decide to leave earth entirely and found a new city named…. Waitrose! (actually no, it’s not Waitrose, it’s Cloud Cuckoo land but don’t tell them that).

There they encounter all sorts of problems from learning bird to…difficult…politicians, land-surveyors, poets and priests.

Watch out trailer here!

Cast List

Max Hancock as Pithetaerus

Mia Leveson as Aurelia

Elsa Rea as Epops

Giacomo Ruffmann as Euelpides

Isla Scott as Bird’s Spokesperson and Meton

Isabel Wearden as A Bird and Poet

Magda Sykes as The Priest and The Politician

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