Dionysia 2021: Aristophanes Under Lockdown

We are delighted to announce our sixth annual Dionysia Festival. We are planning for performances to be recorded on Tuesday 29th June, 2 – 4pm, at the auditorium at Corpus Christi College.

The Year Eight Latinists have been working very hard to adapt four well-known ancient Greek comedies to the modern day. Aristophanes was an ancient Athenian playwright, and he was renowned for lampooning the politicians, customs and context of his fifth century Athens in his plays.

His plays were written during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, a time of great upheaval and uncertainty for the Athenian people. Many of the plays directly explore these themes.

The Year Eights have come up with all sorts of inventive ways to incorporate modern politicians and the wider context of lockdowns and Covid themes into these plays. They now feature the goddess Peace under Covid quarantine in the play “Peace”, a politician making their way to a vaccine centre and encountering a chorus of protestors in “Frogs”, birds and men founding a new city in the sky to avoid Covid restrictions in “Birds”, and Socrates running a dodgy vaccine laboratory in “Clouds”.

Click on the links below to see their posters, trailers, blurbs and cast list.





Due to Covid, we are only able to have Year Eights at the auditorium, but we will be recording the performances and making these available online after the event.

There will be a break for refreshments after their performances, followed by a special performance by storyteller Ben Haggarty.

We are very grateful to Dr Marchella Ward and Edith Johnson for judging, and to Corpus Christi College for letting us use their beautiful auditorium.

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