Classics Summer School: 23rd, 24th and 25th August 2021

This week, we held our seventh annual classics summer school at Cheney, themed on ancient cities!

35 children aged between seven and twelve arrived each morning to take part in Latin and ancient Greek lessons with a team of volunteer teachers, as well as engaging in a range of craft activities themed on different cities at morning registration, and break times.

Students joined Sparta, Rome, Athens and Pompeii classes, and experienced a wide range of language learning resources and activities to introduce Latin and ancient Greek, from animal sounds to Roman banquets, and much in between. Day one was themed on Athens, and students were able to ask questions of the Delphic Oracle, try some Greek archery, have a go at red-and-black pottery decorating, and make Greek city state badges. Some students also tried on our replica Corinthian helmet and aspis shield!

Day two featured Pompeian activities, including making and erupting volcanoes, mosaics and Roman beads. The final day continued a Roman theme, with scutum painting and Roman sundials amongst the activities. Everyone was also able to have a go at some tricky lucky dip questions and to have their face painted.

The final day also featured a costume competition themed on the gods, and a range of Greek and Roman deities appeared, from Artemis, Athena and Hermes, to Demeter, Hebe and Ares, plus a few Roman soldiers too!

We are enormously grateful to our volunteer teaching team, James, Sophie, Anna, Sif, George, Tarika, Taslima and Leo, for running such engaging lessons, and to Sav, Duncan and Rachel for supporting refreshments and activities.

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