Dionysus and the Bacchae

In this week’s lessons, we have been exploring the god Dionysus and one of the most famous examples of a Greek tragedy. We started the lesson by looking at two Greek words, “thyrsus” and “Bacchae”. After you had transliterated these, I explained what they both meant – a thyrus is a wooden stick with a…

Greek Comedy Project… with a suffrage twist!

In our final lesson of term, we started off by looking at some unusual looking ancient Greek words and transliterating them. Examples included: “epopoi…. poipoipoipoipoi” and “torotorotorotorotix”. You guessed at what these might be, and many of you correctly identified that they were animal sounds. They were in fact sounds made by the birds in…

Krateres and Kylikes: Exploring Greek Pottery

In this week’s lessons, we started by exploring the Greek concept of a symposium, which literally means a “drinking together”. We saw how wine was mixed in beautiful jars called “kraters” and how guests would recline on couches and discuss both serious and trivial matters. We met a game called “kottabos” involving flicking the dregs…

Plato, the Forms and Fictional Worlds

We had a very mind-bending lesson this week, where we had our first taste of Ancient Greek philosophy! We started off by looking at some Greek words – ‘demos’, ‘kratos’, ‘oligos’, ‘monos’ and ‘arche’. You correctly identified that ‘demos’ and ‘kratos’ gives us our word ‘democracy’ and means ‘people power’. The Athenians had the first…

The Cyclops and Xenia

In our first lesson after the Festival, we returned at last to the Odyssey. We looked at the Greek words ‘xenos’, agora’ and ‘phobos’ as a starter task, and many of you recognised that ‘phobos’ was connected to ‘phobia’, and that ‘xenos’ meant ‘foreigner’. I explained that ‘agora’ was the Greek marketplace where speakers would…

Imagined World: Daisy’s Wardrobe

Louis, Subhan and Na’el created a story about an imaginary world that lies inside the wardrobe of a young girl called Daisy. The world features imaginary creatures and a beautiful river. You can hear Na’el talk about their story and world here:  

Imagined World: Swapped

Cyanne called her Imagined World “Swapped” and it features a dramatic storyline between angels and devils! You can hear Cyanne talk about her world here:  

Imagined World: Seasonal World

Leri created an Imagined World called “Seasonal World”. It features a tree which has leaves in all seasons, and one day, two characters stumble upon it… You can hear her talk about her ideas for this world here:

Imagined World: Diapinettes

“Diapinettes” is the name of the Imagined World created by Lilly, Lola and Tabitha. It is a world of two halves, one of light and happiness, and another of darkness and death. Lilly tells us more about the world of Diapinettes here:

Imagined World: World of Seasons

Runa and Mary have created an Imagined World called the “World of Seasons”. In this world, there is a new season every day, and it is ruled over by a Pegasus, inspired by the famous flying horse from Greek mythology. Here Runa tells us more about the ideas behind their world: