Imagined World: Dawmania

Callum, Nathan and Thomas have created an Imagined World called Dawmania, where there are multiple types of intelligent life-forms – two of whom live in constant conflict with each other. In this recording, Callum tells us more about their world:  

Imagined World: You’re Not Actually Clever!

Faith and Katherine developed a most unusual premise for their Imagined World: a world where celebrated thinkers from ancient and recent history turned out only to have made the mental leaps in science that they did due to aliens! Were Socrates and Einstein inspired by aliens?! You can listen to Faith talk about their idea…

Imagined World: Aether

Kasra and Bethany created a world called “Aether” for their Imagined World. “Aether” is a name inspired by the Greek word “aether” meaning “the upper air”. You can hear Kasra talk about Aether here:  

Imagined World: City of Day and Night

Chris, Sam and Ajay created a city of two halves for the Imagined World: one side of the city is a ‘gleaming utopia’, but there is also a dark side to the city, filled with mystery… You can hear Sam and Chris both talk about their imaginary city here:

Imagined World: Discovery of Planet Minerva

For their Imagined World, Elizabeth, Isabella and Lucy created a story about the discovery of a planet called Minerva, the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom and warfare. You can hear Isabella talk more about their world here:  

Imagined Worlds: Nymphia

“Nymphia” is the Imagined World created by Amy. She took her inspiration from the many types of nymphs in Classical Mythology and has imagined a world they all inhabit. In this voice recording, Amy explains more about her world. You can listen to it here:

Imagined Worlds: The Signs in our Stars

“The Signs in our Stars” is the Imagined World created by Anoushka, Maddie, May and Marianne. They took their inspiration from the theory of the elements, created by the ancient Greek philosopher, Empedocles. In this voice recording, delivered by May, she explains the premise of their world and aspects of their story within the world….

Imaginary Worlds inspired by Myths

Apollo and Artemis classes have been working very hard over the last few weeks creating storyboards ready for the Festival of Imagined Worlds. Taking their inspiration from the ideas and themes of classical mythology, they have been preparing – in groups or individually – a concept for an imaginary world, and a storyline set in…

Lesson 15: Introducing the Odyssey

This term, we have started looking at Homer’s other great epic, the Odyssey. We started by looking at some of the main human characters and discussing them. Odysseus’ most frequent epithet is “wily”, and we talked about how he is often playing tricks on people or performing cunning plans. We will be looking at some…

Inspired by the Iliad…

Over the Christmas holidays, Apollo and Artemis were set the task of creating a response to our exploration of the Iliad last term. It could be a poem, story, work of art or artefact! Lots of brilliant projects were handed in this week. Some people went for alternate endings, such as Achilles being punished for…